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Think outside the box to solve incredible puzzles

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Can you find the heart?


Play and think differently

This game plays differently from your average puzzle game. Use all mobile functionalities: move it, touch it, take pictures, capture videos, plug accessories, use the location service, use all buttons and phone properties.

  • help56 unique puzzles and more are coming
  • new_releasesA new game experience to discover
  • cakeEach puzzle is a new surprise
  • money_offYou can unlock puzzles for FREE every day
  • lightbulb_outline2 hints available per puzzle

"Once in a while a puzzler comes alone that is just so beautiful & addictive" - 4/5 -

"EnigmBox really pushes you to think unconventionally, and this is why I especially recommend this game." - 5/5 -

"This entertainment is addicting with pretty surprises" -

"Every puzzle is a surprise" - 4/5 -

"Original and cool!" - 16/20 -

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